Echo Mountain Recording

  • 14 N French Broad Ave
  • Asheville NC 28801
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The Scoop

Located in downtown Asheville, Echo Mountain blends vintage and modern equipment to create the optimum studio experience - the perfect home away from home mountain recording retreat for any artist. This is a 4-studio complex, with two (Neve 8068 & API 3288) main rooms, featuring a variety of acoustic spaces and gear + and two production rooms.

ROOM RATES with ENGINEER (hourly): Contact for Rates
Clients/Credits: Band Of Horses, Avett Brothers, The War on Drugs, Dawes, Steve Martin, The Steep Canyon Rangers, The Broadcast, Underhill Rose, Aaron Woody Wood, Adam Strange, Arthur Levine, Azure Ray, Ben Lovett, Big Daddy Love, Breaking Ground, Brian McGee and the Hollow Speed, Chatham County Line, Colour Revolt, Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers, Crank County Daredevils, Darkest Hour, Daytrotter, Dierks Bentley, Donna the Buffalo, Phil Ek, The Electric Owls, Fat Possum Records, Flogging Molly, G. Love with the Avett Brothers, Garaj Mahal, Gary Paczosa, Malcom Holcombe, Amy Ray, Moog Foundation, Zac Brown Band, VHS or Beta, T. Bone Burnett
Key Staff / In-House or Associated Talent: Jon Ashley, Evan Bradford, Julian Dreyer, Jessica Tomasin (studio manager)
Special Features: On-site accommodations, Residential Recording (two houses), Echo Mountain Master Classes, Echo Chamber, Vintage Neve Console, API Console, Private Lounge, EMT Plate Reverb


Consoles, DAWs, Tape Machines: Neve 8068 with Uptown Automation, Digidesign Pro Control, Chandler 16x2 line mixer (The Church), API 3288 with GML Automation, EMI 12x2 Mixer (sidecar) w 12 mic pres (API Studio), Studer A800 MKIII 24-track Tape Machine, Pro Tools HD3 with Lynx Aurora 16s (2), Ampex ATR-102 1/2" Tape Machine, DB Tech 8ch D/A, Apogee ‘Big Ben’ Clock, Lavry Blue 2ch A/D and digital clock, Digidesign Sync I/O module, Timeline Lynx 2 Timecode Module (2), Tascam CDRW2000 CD Recorder
Outboard Gear: Chandler Ltd. EMI TG2 dual mic pre (Abbey Road edition), Brent Averill API 312A (9), API 550b EQ's(4), Trident B Series (2), Calrec 1161 (2), Demeter tube pre’s (2), Audix pre's (2), GML 4ch mic pre's, Pultec EQH-2, Pultec EQP-1, Lang PEQ-2, Altec 9067b filter (2), Altec 9061a EQ (2), Aengus EQ, Telefunken W695 EQ (2), Urei 565 Filter Set, EMI TG12413 comp/limit (2), Teletronics LA2A, 1176 ‘Black Face’ (2), Neve 33206 compressor (2), Empirical Labs EL-8 Distressor (2), dbx 160 (2), dbx 165, Alan Smart C1 Stereo Compressor, Avalon AD2044 Stereo Compressor, Gates STA-Level (2), Urei LA-3A (2), Fairchild 670 Stereo Compressor, SSL G-384 Stereo Compressor, TC Electronics 6000, Lexicon 480L, AMS RMX16, Eventide H3500, Lexicon PCM42 Digital Delay, EMT 140 Plate Reverb, Culture Vulture Tube Distortion, Boss Ph-3 Phase Shifter, DS-1 Distortion, Roland Chorus/echo, Electro-Harmonix Octave Multiplexer, Electro-Harmonix POG, Moogerfooger Lowpass, Moogerfooger Phaser, Moogerfooger Ring Mod, Moogerfooger Analog Delay, Eventide H3500, Lexicon PCM42 Digital Delay, BBE 822A Sonic Maximizer, Yamaha SPX-1000
Microphones: Neumann M249b, Neumann U67, Neumann U47 FETNeumann SM69 (stereo microphone), Neumann U87 (2), Telefunken KM56 (2), RCA 44 (2), Coles 4038 (3), Royer R121 (2), Royer R122 (2), AKG 451 (2), AKG 414 Silver (2), AKG 414 Gold (stereo pair), AKG D112, Sony C37a (2), Sanken Cu44x (stereo pair), Josephson C617 (2)w/MG MK221 omni capsules, Josephson E22S (2), Electro-Voice RE20, Sennheiser 421 (4), Sennheiser E609, Beyer M160, Beyer M88, Shure SM7, Shure SM beta 57A (1), Shure SM57 (6), Shure SM58 Available upon request in advance of your session: Telefunken ELAM 251, Neumann U47 Longbody, AKG C12 (2), Blue Bottle with all capsules
Monitoring: George Augspurger Custom Mains, Bryston 7B's & Bryston 4B amps on Mains, NS10s with Bryston amp, Pro Ac Studio 100s (The Church); George Augspurger Custom Mains, Crown Studio Reference II & Bryston 4B Mains, Genelec 1030 bi-amped, NS10s with matching sw10 subwoofer and Bryston amp
Software: Waves Diamond Bundle, Echo Farm, Antares Autotune 5, Melodyne plug-in, Master X3 Virtual Finalizer, Massenburg MDW V2 EQ, BF-76, Purple Audio MC77, Amplitube LE, Access Indigo, BF-Mooger-fooger effects, Focusrite D2-D, Ableton Live, Reason 4, Joe Meek Comp+EQ plug-in, Fairchild 660/670 Plug-in, Impact! Plug-in, Expand! Plug-in, Tel-ray Delay plug-in, Reverb one, Waves IR Reverb, Waves Tune Lite, T Racks EQ, TL Space
Instruments & Amps: Yamaha C5 Piano, Hammond B3 Organ w/Leslie Rotating Speaker Cabinet, Minimoog Voyager, Moog Therimen, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Farfisa Organ (mid 60s), Fender Rhodes (88 Key), Kawai Grand Piano, Upright Grand Piano w/Tack Pedal and Playmation MIDI input, Fender Rhodes 73; Drums: Vintage Ludwig 20" kick, 14" snare, 12" rack tom and 16" Floor Tom; Paiste signature full crash 16" Sabian 14" b8 hats, Ziljian Avedis medium 22" ride, Sabian AA medium 20" crash; Custom Phattie Kit, Ludwig 14" "Black Beauty" Snare