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Welcome to SMC Productions, LLC. - SMC Recording Studios. We are a full Featured Professional Recording Studio with a nice Laid Back Atmosphere, perfect for your project, large or small. Over 2400 sq. feet of space featuring tons of mic, amps, guitars, equipment, pool table, large cage drum kit, etc...


Ardent Studios began its rich history with early classics by Sam & Dave, Led Zeppelin, Isaac Hayes and Leon Russell, then scored hits in the 70s, 80s and 90s with such artists as James Taylor, ZZ Top, REM and Bob Dylan. The legacy continues in the new millenium with hits recorded by The White Stripes, Cat Power, and North Mississippi Allstars.

Echo Mountain Recording
Downtown Asheville


Located in downtown Asheville, Echo Mountain blends vintage and modern equipment to create the optimum studio experience - the perfect home away from home mountain recording retreat for any artist. This is a 4-studio complex, with two (Neve 8068 & API 3288) main rooms, featuring a variety of acoustic spaces and gear + and two production rooms.

Founded in 1958, Criteria Recording Studios was purchased by The Hit Factory in January of 1999. The facility then underwent massive renovations while continuing to operate. Today the facility boasts Six main rooms as well as additional project spaces.

Recording/Mixing & Mastering

YaBo Productions is a project studio located in Blacksburg, VA, that specializes in mixing and mastering audio recordings of all genres.

Recording/Mixing & Audio Post

Situated on 14 acres just outside of Lexington, KY, Saint Claire is a 7,800 sq. ft. recording facility that couples cutting-edge technology with a relaxing atmosphere. This destination recording studio offers one of the biggest control rooms in North America, a gear list to satisfy the most seasoned professional, and luxury accommodations...

Recording/Mixing & Audio Post

Post Pro is a full-service recording studio and film and video post production facility located in Raleigh, NC, offering 3 rooms for production including a Studio A room based around a Neve Genesys Recording Console loaded with 1073 Microphone Preamplifiers and 1084 Equalizers.

Recording/Mixing & Producers/Engineers

Grammy winning Engineer and Producer, working all over the globe.

Recording/Mixing & Audio Post

Elite Music Studios is a boutique professional high quality recording studio in South Florida. Here you'll find top-notch engineering and high-end recording equipment, all packed neatly into a cool studio with a super friendly environment. We can guide you trough the process of auditioning voices, creating original music, recording and mixing

JT Studios
New Orleans

Recording/Mixing & Producers/Engineers & Audio Post

JT Studios is a 3,800 sq ft John Storyk Designed Facility in New Orleans. We have been recording music for documentary, television, and feature film projects, collaborating with producers from NYC and LA. We host TV shoots of sessions, score music sync'ed to video, and produce all kinds of music...

Recording/Mixing & Audio Post & Original Music & Licensing

Muttness Recording Studios is a music and audio-post recording and mixing facility located in the heart of Miami’s Downtown Area. The studio’s multiple rooms are well-equipped with a healthy mix of classic analog and the newest digital recording gear. The cozy space provides a welcoming atmosphere and a professional working environment.

Coral Gables

Recording/Mixing & Mastering & Producers/Engineers & Audio Post & Original Music & Licensing

Original Music and Audio Post for Advertising and Film facility located in Miami, Florida. ISDN Recordings for worldwide commercials, films and TV shows featuring award winning actors, sports and celebrities, among many others. Award winning musicians.

CC Limardo VO Talent
Coral Gables

Audio Post & Original Music & Licensing

Recording/Mixing & Mastering & Producers/Engineers & Audio Post & Original Music & Licensing

WSDG provides design and consulting services in the fields of architecture, acoustics, control technology, electro acoustics, and advanced audio-visual systems integration.